Picture of Genevieve Milliken in front of bookcase

Hi! I’m Genevieve Milliken. I hold a Library and Information Science (MSLIS) degree with Advanced Certificate in Digital Humanities from Pratt Institute’s iSchool (2019) and a Master’s Degree in Art History (2017) from Georgia State University. I am currently pursuing an Advanced Certificate in Public Health from CUNY’s School of Public Health and Health Policy.

Currently, I am the LIS Research Scientist for the Investigating and Archiving the Scholarly Git Experience (IASGE) project at New York University’s Bobst Library. Formally, I was the Web Archiving Technician for the Web Archiving Program at NYARC, the graduate assistant for “Exploring Data Worlds at the Public Library,” a research project on Youth Data Literacy designed by Dr. Leanne Bowler at Pratt’s School of Information (iSchool), and the 2018-2019 NYARC Web-Archiving Fellow at the Frick Art Reference Library.

My personal and professional interests include technology, digital humanities (DH), web archiving, data analysis, data librarianship, and GIS. Presented on this site is a sample of my work in these areas.

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